How to recognize spiritual awakening?

Image How to recognize spiritual awakening?

In order to act in the right way and follow your conscience, it is important to know what is known as « spiritual awakening ». This concept rhymes with open-mindedness which allows you to nurture the mastery of the self and one's actions. It can also help you find inner peace.

Concerning this topic, Prem Rawat, a peace ambassador, has always shared his point of view to the public. He has even created a peacekeeping foundation, which is called after his name, which is trying to achieve sustainable peace. However, as far as the spiritual awakening is concerned, the first thing to do is to observe the signs which determine this awakening. So, what should you do to recognize spiritual awakening?

The main things to do to recognize spiritual awakening 

Giving a priority to life hygiene

After a spiritual awakening, the individual takes very good care of himself to the fullest. Whether it is physically or mentally, the person adopts new health practices. Pollution and filthiness will become like deadly enemies, eating habits will change, and sleep will become equally important. Life hygiene will become more important for any individual who has awakened spiritually.

Increased sensitivity

Thanks to a spiritual awakening, the individual will considerably improve the functions of the sensory organs. Humans are endowed with 5 senses, which are sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. For an individual who has received by a spiritual awakening, the sensory organs will somehow become twice more sensitive than before.

In addition, some individuals may feel that they have received a 6th sense. The sixth sense refers to the individual's ability to feel that they are able to accomplish other things that ordinary people are not able to do.

Fear and stress management

Once spiritual awakening takes place, it is possible to master your feelings and emotions. Fear and stress are nothing but ephemeral state of being for anyone who has awakened spiritually. In other words, no more do they feel stressed out or afraid.

They have gotten rid of their fear; and instead, a great deal of courage fills them. With courage, an individual whose spirit is awakened can easily control his fear and stress.

Necessity to meditate

In addition, spiritual awakening will always entail the need for meditation. First, through meditation, you can develop mind tranquility; and you can also listen to your conscience. The individual will, therefore, set out for the quest of silence and tranquility in order to be able to meditate.

Noise will equally become disturbing at some times. The individual may need to meditate at least once a day especially for a recent awakening. But it will gradually change according to each person.

Change in lifestyle

Finally, the individual will lead a different lifestyle after a spiritual awakening has taken place. In every field, he will have a new perception which will make him make totally different decisions from what he used to do.

For students, self-development will become a priority. Work will be done according to your will and you will choose your working conditions. This means the individual will choose the people with whom he will be working. By all means, the life of an individual whose spirit has awakened will undergo a sudden change.