Zoom on the peace representatives of today's world

Image Zoom on the peace representatives of today's world

War here, war over there, conflicts and arm races, these situations threaten peace and stability in the modern world. Besides, ceasefire and serenity are two words, which are closest in meaning to peace at the present time. In fact, launching sustainable peace is always a hard task in a contemporary society.

However, numerous activists work for the establishment of peace throughout the world. Prem Rawat is among myriads of associations working for actions of peace in different nations from every part of the globe. Its founder Prem Rawat is always publishing messages of peace.

Here is a focus on the peace officers at the present time

Who are they?

Crowds, groups and organizations are advocated to work hard to launch peace. The United Nations is the main representative in favor of peace.

The League of Nations was created to organize a worldwide summit in order to maintain peace right after the World War II.

After modifications, the SDN has become the UNO. It possesses a security council whose members are from different countries in the world. Within the UNO, there are many Non-Governmental-Organizations who are working as peace missionaries as well.

What are their roles?

They hold several functions and responsibilities for establishing global peace.

First, they are responsible for reducing the main sources of insecurity. To do so, they must identify the origin of the problems and intervene in the best conditions and time.

After that, they invest in humanitarian actions and provide assistance for essential helps to people who are in needs. Generally, their main mission is to represent peace in every possible way. In fact, peace representatives have agents who are in turns involved with their own duties and specific tasks.

How do they work?

In case it is mandatory to restore harmony, peace representatives activate the communications network among participants. The objective is to ensure that they can function under the best possible conditions. Some of them collect data to better understand the situation, which, in other words, means the issues of diverse insecurities.

The others determine which resources are available, and which strategies are adequate for the intervention. And others are in charge of ensuring that things are done correctly. However, these people act only when the problems occur. This implies that it is important to unify their diverging points of view in order to establish mutual peace.

What are the advantages of serenity on earth?

These peace officers act like drops of oil. Slowly they are deploying their arms which is nothing else than peace itself. Even though wars have sometimes broken out in some parts of the world, we can affirm that the worst could have been avoided for all time. In brief, it is mainly thanks to the representatives' timely peace preservation efforts.

On top of that, they did more than establishing peace on the earth. Furthermore, their actions have spawned several other manifestations which are in favor of a peaceful world.